Fibre Distribution Panel - Wall Mount

Veekay’s Wall Mount Optical Fibre Distribution Panels (FDPs) are advanced termination and interconnection devices capable of reconfiguration and expansion. These connect fibres of any type of optical fibre cable to a connector by splicing the fibre to a fibre Pig Tail which in turn is connected to an Adapter, the other end of which can be connected to internal or external equipment through suitable Patch Cords

Available in 12, 24 and 48 fibre configurations with various connector options like FC-PC/APC, SC-PC/APC, ST-PC & LC-PC/APC and other types of Pig Tails and Adapters.


  • Cabinets are rugged and made of Steel
  • Powder coated finish to ensure long lasting and aesthetic finish
  • Easy Wall Mount arrangement
  • Cassettes for fibre splicing & organising pre-installed in the unit
  • Lockable doors to ensure security and removable for quick & easy access to the system
  • Each cassette has capacity of 12 fibre splices and has arrangement to ensure safe fibre bending radius during routing
  • Component layout and fibre management is optimized.
  • Designed to store extra length of optical fibre / Patch Cords/ Pig Tails
  • Incorporates identification mechanism of incoming & outgoing cables/ Patch Cords/ Pig Tails
  • Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor premises


Customized values available on request. Mentioned Insertion Loss and Back Reflection Loss are for a typical LC / APC connector