The Veekay Group is a world class manufacturer of products in the field of Fiber Optic Communications catering to Telecommunications, Defense, Railways and Power Verticals. A separate arm of the group focuses on high end design and manufacture of products for the Interiors and Exteriors vertical. Since 1991, the name Veekay has been associated with advanced technology, quality and creativity.

Veekay invests strategically in the development of new high-quality products, setup of advanced manufacturing and business processes. Contribution to sustainable development through resource conservation, environmental protection and corporate & social responsibility have been the hallmark of the Company’s growth.

Core Values








Quality is a key value for us and our quality philosophy spans across all areas of our Company from hiring and training to continuous process improvement from product design and development, planning, procurement, production to sales & logistics.

Our range of products and solutions is developed, engineered and manufactured onsite at corporate headquarters. We use high quality raw materials, advanced manufacturing equipments and highly skilled workers. The result is a product range of unwavering quality that has made Veekay a premier brand.


Veekay monitors, audits and supervises all procurement, production, quality and logistic processes to ensure complete compliance with product and customer requirements. Veekay solutions are product and raw material compliant and are in line with Veekay’s commitment to environment sustainability.

Our products have been TSEC and CACT certified for a number of years and have been the forerunners in defining the specifications for these areas. In line with Veekay’s stated commitment to sustainable development, more and more of our products are being developed duly RoHS compliant.


We believe that R&D and Innovation is core to our Business. Veekay’s dedicated team of engineers and research associates are committed to providing the latest products keeping in line with the ever evolving technology, newer materials and components.

We adopt best practices, latest technologies and innovation to ensure that our products and activities are efficient and compliant with our commitment to sustainable development.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Veekay Group has 2 manufacturing plants spread over an area of 3.5 acres  with 2,00,000 Sq ft of covered manufacturing area. Veekay is certified  to ISO 9001 and is thus compliant to recognised stringent standards across the Industry.

  • Largest manufacturer of ADSS accessories in India
  • Mould designing & manufacturing with mould flow analysis
  • Injection Moulding upto 250 MT capacity
  • Automatic Robotic Welding and MIG welding
  • Conveyorised Powder Coating
  • Capabilities include Laser Cutting, CNC Bending and Turret Punching
  • EDM, Wire Cut, CNC Lathe, VMC
  • Automated packaging solutions
  • Class 1000 Clean Room
  • Biometric based attendance & payroll processing

Leadership Speak

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