PLCS System

Veekay’s Planer Lightwave Circuit Splitter (PLCS) System is available in different types with proper arrangement for fixing splitter module and patching connectors & adapters.

The assembly is housed in a box which are:

Stand alone System
Wall Mountable
Rack Mountable

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions


  • Protect Splitters, connectors, adapters, pigtail & patch cords from dust & insects etc.
  • Prolonged life in saline atmosphere in coastal areas and corrosion protection.
  • House Splitter Modules, incoming & outgoing cables/PC/PT in systematic manner.
  • Have sufficient provision to store extra length of optical fibre/patch cords/pigtails
  • Incorporate complete identification mechanism of incoming & outgoing cable/Patch Cords/Pigtails