OPGW Accessories & Fixtures

OPGW serves dual purposes i.e. as ground wire of transmission lines and as a communication medium with optical fibre cable contained within its configuration. Equipment and system used for installation of OPGW cables are similar to those used for standard ground wire cables, but since there is an optical fibre core, certain precautions, procedures and process changes become necessary to protect fibres from suffering any damages and also to ensure minimum bending radius at all times. Certain additional specific components and equipment required for OPGW installations are: tensioners and antiwisting counter weights.
These accessories are available in various designs to meet requirement of varying Tower spans and different types of Tower members / structures.


  • Robust and rigid construction
  • Convenient modular design
  • Super quality finish
  • Steel components Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Ends of fittings are deburred / rounded off to prevent any damage to the cable sheath
  • Formed helical fittings are spiral in shape & can be applied on cable without any excessive clamping pressure at any point on the cable.

Verified Tests

  • Tensile test
  • Slip strength Test
  • Galloping / Fatigue Test
  • Galvanizing Test
  • Aeolian Vibration Test
  • Wrapping Test
  • Tension & Attenuation Test
  • Hardness test of elastomer pad
  • Electrical conduction test