FDMS for Ground Based Mast

FDMS for Ground Based Masts (GBMs) are advanced Termination and Interconnection devices for use inside a Ground Based Mast. The design permits various options depending on varied requirements existing at each site and location of the GBM.

The FDMS for GBM is designed to be small and various configurations of shelves and OFC trolleys are possible to meet particular site requirements.

Physical Configuration

Contains 4 shelves of which the top shelf known as PMS (Patch Cord Management Shelf) is fixed type and is for management of extra length of Pig Tails and Patch Cords. Other 3 shelves are in individual boxes/ mini cabinets in which the shelves are movable on telescopic slides.


The second shelf is 2×96 fibre shelf wired with 7 incoming fibre fan outs of 8 fibre ribbon each and 7 outgoing fans of 8 fibre ribbon each. There are 112 terminations on 56 Duplex LC/APC Adaptors. The 3rd and 4th shelves are each a 2×48 fibre shelf with buffer Pig Tails and Adaptors but are supplied against specific order.

With Wall Mount Accessories

The second shelf is 2×48 fibre shelf housing 6 loose tubes from each incoming and each outgoing cable at the rear. Total of 96 Adaptors are mounted on the front plate – 48 assigned as incoming and 48 as outgoing. Front plate contains 4 holders to accommodate Patch Cords. The 3rd and 4th shelves covered with blank front plates and can be used on as required basis.


  • Main body of internal stress free CRC sheet
  • Powder coated finish enables operation even in coastal areas
  • System designed to accommodate OFC of:
  • a. Single Mode 652D fibre type
  • b. Multi-tube ECCS Armoured
  • c. HDPE sheathed OFC
  • d. Other OFCs
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Provision for entry and exit of upto 6 OFCs