Field Crimpable Connector

Field crimpable connectors are widely used for FTTx projects and allow fast connections. They are also known as Field Mount Connectors (FMC).

Field Crimpable Connector SC-APC

Toolkit for Field Crimpable Connector


FCC Tool Kit

Tool Kit for Field Crimpable Connector is used to conveniently make connections in the field. All basic items are provided in the tool kit for a successful installation.

Each Toolkit includes:

  1. Fibre Measuring Tool Qty. 1 Number
  2. Open Key for reusing Qty. 1 Number
  3. Lint Free Tissue Wipes Qty. 100 Numbers
  4. Isopropyle Alcohol, Hexane & Acetone Qty. 100 ml. each


  • High Performance, high reliability, low loss
  • No Epoxy, No Polishing required
  • Re-usable design
  • Easy operation and quick assembly