Fibre Access Terminal (FAT)

The Fibre Access Terminal (FAT) is a vital component of any FTTH network since it provides various types of connections like branch, pass through and also facilitates distribution for large number of fibers. “Veekay” FAT is an advance termination and interconnection device capable of performing splicing, splitting, patching as well as storage of extra length of optical fibres in safe & secured manner. FATs are compact in design, light weight and the construction is inherently robust & rigid having a high strength shell for all conditions of Storage, Transport, Installation and Operation.

Fibre Access Terminal


  • Compact, light weight with robust design
  • Material: PC+ABS
  • Meets IP65 protection level
  • Suitable for Indoor as well as Outdoor installation on Pole / Wall
  • Accessible for operation, testing and ease of handling from front side
  • Designed to provide Optical cable- straight-joint, mid-span & branching
  • Facility for 24 splicing, splitting, patching and storage of tubes and extra length of fibres
  • Cable entry & exit from bottom
  • It can accommodate up to 2 nos. cassette type splitters
  • Universal key lock arrangement
  • Long life span up to 25 years
  • Complete kit with consumables available