FDMS Outdoor

FDMS for Exchange provides a complete system with facility of splicing, terminating, distribution, identification with complete wiring with pig tails & patch cords. It provides a flexible cable management system using a variety of shelves. It provides management of very large volume of optical fibres of ribbon and non-ribbon type cables with flexibility & reliability in all environment of access network.

FDMS Wall Mountable


  • Modular design for easy installation, mass customization possible.
  • Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon optical fibers
  • Cable entry through ports and sealed by Thermo Shrink Sleeves
  • Repeatedly openable without requiring clumsy heat shrink procedure for sealing
  • Mechanical sealing of Base & Dome with single clamp without screws
  • Reliable moisture tight casing
  • Dust and insect proof
  • Push-fit mounting arrangement of splicing trays on Universal Mounting System (UMS) provides ease and flexibility in installation, operation and maintenance.
  • The capacity of each splice tray can be determined by the type of splices stored in each splice tray. Each tray can be configured to accommodate splices of:
  • a. Either 12 fibre ribbon with 12 fibre ribbon / individual fibre splices (2 splices in each tray-Single element / circuit basis)
  • b. 12 fibre ribbon with 12 individual fibres (12 splices in each tray)
  • c. 12 individual fibre with 12 individual fibres (12 splices in each tray)
  • Splice tray is designed to store fibre splices and extra length of fibres in systematic & secured manner without change in attenuation
  • Protects minimum bend radius of each optical fibre
  • Pre-installed labels provides complete fibre identification & trace-ability
  • Complete kit with consumables available