Drop Cable Accessories and Fixtures

Installation of self supporting PVC drop wire with fibre glass roving as strength member and other types of self supporting Drop Wires requires special items for the purpose. These items required for installation of drop wire from the DP to customer premises, safely and securely have been divided into 2 parts; viz items required for telephone pole side and items required for customer premises side.

Telephone Pole Items

Customer Premises Items

Cable Accessories Copper Cable

Cable Accessories CAT5/CAT6e


  • Galvanised steel items meet the specifications of uniformity of zinc coating and meet the test criteria for Corrosion (Salt Mist) Test
  • Retainer meets the criteria of following eight tests
  • Tap and Buckle made from stainless steel. Aluminum versions also available

Verified Tests

  • Load Test
  • Impact Test
  • Drop Test
  • Dry Heat Test
  • Accelerated Thermal Aging Test
  • Water Absorption Test