FDMS – In Building Premises for Ribbon OFC

FDMS for Building Premises provides environmental and mechanical protection for the management of optical fibres that includes the functions of splicing and passive component integration. It can be mounted on the wall inside the building / customer premises.


  • Compact and robust construction. Mass customization possible.
  • Main body of internal stress free steel sheet.
  • Powder coated finish enables operation even in coastal areas
  • Lockable doors to ensure security
  • Easily removable front door for quick & easy access to the system
  • Reliable moisture tight casing tested for direct shower test of upto 160 Ltrs. per min. for 1 hour
  • Dust and insect proof
  • Provision for entry of 4 cables
  • Cable Input & Output ports sealing through Thermo Shrink Sleeves – Optional
  • Provides mechanical protection to pigtails by terminating kevlar in Aramid Yarn Termination Unit (ATU)
  • Full front operation, easy access to cable, pigtails, patch cords, splices and adaptors
  • Suitable in installation with FC/SC/ST and LC type adaptors
  • Capacity to hold upto 6 splice organizer trays
  • Push-fit mounting arrangement of splicing trays on Universal Mounting System (UMS)
  • The capacity of each splice tray can be determined by the type of splices stored in each splice tray. Each tray can be configured to accommodate splices of:
  • a. Either 12 fibre ribbon with 12 fibre ribbon / individual fibre splices (2 splices in each tray-Single element / circuit basis)
  • b. 12 fibre ribbon with 12 individual fibres (12 splices in each tray)
  • c. 12 individual fibre with 12 individual fibres (12 splices in each tray)
  • Splice tray is designed to store fibre splices and extra length of fibres in systematic & secured manner.
  • Protects minimum bend radius of each optical fibre
  • Pre-installed labels provides complete fibre identification
  • Complete kit with consumables available