ADSS Accessories & Fixtures

All-Dielectric Self Supporting optical fibre cable has no metal component and can be installed on live lines with no outages. Erection and installation of ADSS cable on poles and towers requires special accessories and fixtures manufactured to stringent specifications. Ideal for whereever fast deployment is OFC link is required, ROW permission for underground cable laying are delayed & almost mandatory for last mile connectivity / FTTx requirements.

Design and construction of the Veekay make ADSS installation & stringing accessories are inherently robust and rigid and meets various international & TEC specifications. These accessories are available in various designs to meet requirement of varying Pole/Tower spans and different types of Poles/Tower members.

Suspension Set

Suspension Set 2

Termination Set 

Termination Set 2

Suspension with Protective Helix

Terminating & Protective Helix

Armour Grip Helix 

Spiral Vibration Damper

Corona Coil

Suspension Clamp Set

Suspension Clamps

Turn Buckles

Clevis Thimble


J-Shaped Tension Hook

Tension Hook with U Clamp

Twisted Eye Link

Down Lead Clamp

Demountable Pulley

Extension Link

Cable Storage Bracket

Universal Pole Clamp

Universal Pole Clamp for cable loop 1

Universal Pole Clamp for cable loop 2


Elastomer Pad for suspension Clamp



  • Robust and rigid construction
  • Convenient modular design
  • Super quality finish
  • Steel components Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Ends of fittings are deburred / rounded off to prevent any damage to the cable sheath
  • Formed helical fittings are spiral in shape & can be applied on cable without any excessive clamping pressure at any point on the cable.

Verified Tests

  • Tensile test
  • Slip strength Test
  • Galloping / Fatigue Test
  • Galvanizing Test
  • Aeolian Vibration Test
  • Wrapping Test
  • Tension & Attenuation Test
  • Hardness test of elastomer pad